Change Lives This Giving Tuesday

Give a Tuesday this Giving Tuesday! Your generosity can provide Anna, Henry, and their newborn daughter, Zoey, a safe, stable home and the second chance they need to achieve long-term housing and self-sufficiency.

By giving a Tuesday, you provide a family facing homelessness with a night of safety and stability inside a Bridge apartment. You give them a home.

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On top of providing safe housing for the entire family, your generosity also provides mentoring, budgeting help, mental health counseling, employment coaching, children's programs and so much more.

Just imagine the good that providing a month, a season, or even a year of Tuesdays could do!

And this year, when you give in honor of #GivingTuesday, your gift helps DOUBLE the families facing homelessness thanks to our Giving Tuesday Matching Sponsor, BMO. This match will only last for a limited time, so make your donation and double your impact today!

Your generosity can create real change for the 100+ families facing homelessness served by the Bridge program.

Will you make a transformative gift on behalf of the children in the Bridge program, children like adorable, little Zoey?

Read About How Zoey's Family Came into the Bridge Program:

Anna and Henry are from DuPage County, but when the cost of rent in the area became too much for them, they asked their company to transfer them to southern Illinois. Their employer initially agreed.

Then, everything changed once they moved. After signing their new lease, their employer informed the couple that they would have to reduce their salaries.

The new amount they were offered wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of rent.

Now two months pregnant, Anna and Henry were forced to move back up to DuPage County and double up with family. They thought their chance at a better life for their future baby girl had failed.

Facing homelessness while pregnant, it felt like Henry and Anna were running out of options. They began to lose hope. But, thanks to the generosity of friends like you, they had their hope restored when they were accepted into the Bridge program.

Zoey's family is at the beginning of their two years in the Bridge program, and they have a long way to go. They will need compassionate mentoring, budgeting help, reliable childcare, and educational and employment opportunities to secure a future for their family.

You hold the power to break the cycle of homelessness for children like Zoey. Thank you for being a friend to the families of Bridge Communities when they need you the most.

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