Host a Giving Party

For many of us, our children's birthdays have become occasions of getting stuff...LOTS of stuff. This excess can make us wish for simpler, less materialistic celebrations we remember from when we were kids. 

Host a Charity Birthday Party and Help the Kids of Bridge Communities

Birthdays can be overwhelming for the child and the parents.  There may be presents from parents and grandparents...or from other relatives...and even more gifts from friends who come to your child's party.  Birthdays today run the risk of being less about celebrating a special day and more about GETTING. 

But Bridge Communities' offers an opportunity to help children increase their understanding of empathy for others, begin a tradition of generosity and the desire to give to those who have much less.

As you begin to plan your child's next birthday party, consider hosting a GIVING PARTY to benefit the client families in the Bridge Communities Transitional Housing Program.  As part of the GIVING PARTY birthday, your party guests will participate in activities from "What's It Like to Be Homeless?" Educational Curriculum and receive Bridge Communities token gifts for a party goodie bag.  In lieu of (or in addition to) traditional birthday gifts, your guests will bring a gift for a Bridge Communities family or child.

GIVING PARTY gift options:

GIFT CARDS - provide that extra bit of help for client families when they have unexpected expenses that stretch their budget beyond its capacity.  Gift cards to food stores (Mariano's, Jewel, and Meijer) and retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's) can help families with necessary purchases when they have unexpected expenses, like car repairs or extra child care.

GASOLINE CARDS - every client family must work or attend school while in the Bridge Transitional Housing Program, so extra help is appreciated to help pay for gasoline to get adults to work and children to school and child care.

NEW BOOKS AND GAMES - both of these make great GIVING PARTY gifts to share with Bridge kids for their own birthdays or other special occasions.

FAMILY FUN CERTIFICATES - every family wants to create special memories through time spent together, but many family-fun activities can be too expensive for Bridge families.  A day at a local amusement park, zoo, movies or museum make a great GIVING PARTY gift for Bridge Communities' families. 

QUARTERS FOR KIDS - To clean their clothes, all families must use quarters in the leased laundry facilities in their apartment building. A roll of quarters is a creative option for a GIVING PARTY gift.

GIVING PARTY planning tools:

Download the "What's it Like to Be Homeless?" Educational Curriculum

Invitation Sample

Certificate for Party Guests

Goodie Bag for Party Guests - complete the posted form and you will receive one goodie bag for each guest.  Bridge Communities' GIVING PARTY goodie bags contain Bridge branded items and a thank you certificate for party guest.  You are welcome to supplement the bag with additional treats of your choice.  

The birthday party host has the option to lead guests through age appropriate activities in the Educational Curriculum.  All activities are fun, interactive and will help the children learn more about how they can help homeless families in their community.