Ways to Donate

Every year Bridge Communities benefits from the generosity of an ever growing number of people, businesses, churches and organizations. While the reasons for giving are as varied as their interests and financial circumstances, all share a common desire to provide hope, dignity and a brighter future for families facing homelessness that live and work in DuPage County.

Donate Money

Financial gifts to support the Bridge Communities Transitional Housing Program go to work on multiple levels in ensuring a brighter future for client families in DuPage County.

Donate Goods

Donated furniture, gift cards, automobiles and gasoline cards are very helpful to families when they experience an unexpected expense that can cause havoc to their limited budget.

Donate Time

More than 400 volunteers give their time to Bridge Communities each year, journeying alongside families as they work toward self-sufficiency, independence and success.

Circle of Hope

Your monthly or quarterly gift ensures a consistent and reliable source of support to Bridge Communities families.

Cornerstone Society

There are many ways to make a lasting legacy and receive the assurance that your personal goals will be achieved in perpetuity.

Make an In-Kind Gift

Your in-kind gift gives a family facing homelessness exactly what they need to reach self-sufficiency. Learn more about giving opportunities

Why Donate to Bridge Communities?

Financial gifts to support client families in the Bridge Communities Transitional Housing Program go to work on multiple levels to provide:

  • safe, affordable housing
  • life-skills mentoring
  • financial management skills
  • employment counseling and coaching
  • donated cars to use for work and child care
  • tutoring for children and adults
  • nutritional coaching and access to healthy foods
  • and so much more!


Make an Impact Today

Donating online is secure, fast and easy. Bridge Communities accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Online contributions are protected through VeriSign online giving security system.

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The Donor Bill of Rights

When you give to Bridge Communities, you are guaranteed the rights stated in the Donor Bill of Rights, so you can give confidently and in a safe and secure way.

Read the Donor Bill of Rights