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Sleep Out Saturday 2021: United: One Night, One Community

We can't wait for you to join us at Sleep Out Saturday 2021! Our main event was held on Saturday, November 6--but you are free to select any night between through December 4 to participate! Join us for a meaningful, empathy-building night and help support the 100+ families served this year by Bridge Communities.

Want to know more? Watch our Sleep Out Saturday Virtual Presentation below!

"If you want to make a difference now, join us for Sleep Out Saturday!"

This fall, nearly 1,000 DuPage County community residents will spend a very frosty night inside tents, boxes and cars to raise awareness about family homelessness and funds for Bridge Communities' Transitional Housing Program. Join other community members as we rally around the 100+ families served by Bridge Communities, to show support while they work hard to transform their lives. 

You may have participated in
Sleep Out Saturday in the past, and understandably, you may have some questions about how Sleep Out Saturday will take place in 2021! 

Please read our Q&A below to learn how you and your group can participate in our newly reimagined Sleep Out Saturday, and help 100+ families reach a better future this year.

Q. Are we still supposed to participate together as a group?
A. You may participate from home or together in groups; however, it is up to you and your group members to decide how you'd like to participate. 

Q. If we participate remotely from home, will it still feel like a group event?
A. Yes! You can live stream your at-home Sleep Outs to connect your group members and take part in the virtual activities we provide! Our 2021 SOS Toolkit includes tips to help you have a safe, impactful event, whether you're together or remote.

Q. What are some best practices for safety if we participate together as a group?
A. We recommend you follow CDC guidelines and wear facemasks, wash your hands and apply hand sanitizer frequently, and maintain 6 feet of distance when possible. No sleeping spaces should be shared among group members from different households.

Q. Where will Sleep Out Saturday take place?
A. You can sleep outside safely in your backyard, driveway, or in cars. Or, you can hold a meaningful SOS event inside your home. Our SOS Toolkit shares how!


Register now for Sleep Out Saturday We'll send you all the resources you need to make this event a success!

Click here to view past Sleep Out Saturday videos!

Click here for the 2021 Sleep Out Saturday Toolkit

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You make the difference. . . Donate a Night of Housing - $35 provides one night of housing and supportive services to a homeless family. 

  • Personalize Your Sleep Out Saturday Experience

    Whether it's your first year or your tenth year participating in Sleep Out Saturday, Bridge Communities is there to help you to make it the most meaningful experience possible! We offer complete Sleep Out Saturday toolkits with activities, movies and more, to make your experience impactful and life-changing. Plus, this year we will be together virtually and remotely at 8:00 PM the night of your Sleep Out. Bridge Communities staffers, client speakers and a special guest will share personal stories and why your participation is so important!

    If you're looking for an experience that will

    -Build empathy

    -Change lives

    -Lead to a better understanding of poverty in your community and

    -Teach effective ways to help end family homelessness, then

    Sleep Out Saturday is right for you!

    Register now to participate in Sleep Out Saturday and invite others to join you!

  • Sleep Out Saturday Stories

    Sleep Out Saturday is one of the few non-profit fundraising events that allows participants to actively gain empathy and affect positive change for families struggling to meet their basic needs, who are really the hidden homeless in our community. The event provides participants a forum to learn the causes of family homelessness, and provides an opportunity to sleep in similar accommodations that Bridge families have experienced. Participants share their thoughts about their physical and emotional experience of sleeping outside with little or no shelter, or inside doubled up with no bed or home of their own. Feelings of vulnerability, fear and compassion are common themes found amongst participants the morning following Sleep Out. 

    PS – After your Sleep Out, please share your Sleep Out Saturday story with us--we'd love to hear it!E-mail your Sleep Out Saturday stories to and share with others!

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  • Sleep Out Saturday Newsroom

    Learn more about homelessness and poverty in DuPage County Illinois by visiting our Sleep Out Saturday newsroom. Readers will learn more about how Sleep Out Saturday is making an impact on the transitional housing services provided by Bridge Communities. You can help families in need in your community by participating in Sleep Out Saturday.   

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    Facts on homelessness in DuPage County

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