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Client Success Stories

Lisette: "There is nothing I am more thankful for than you."

“Before I entered Bridge, I was staying with my grandma in her one-bedroom apartment. My son, Xavier and I were sleeping in her living room because even though I was working, getting our own apartment was out of our price range. But when I got accepted into Bridge, I felt so blessed and excited that this was a new beginning, a chance to get back on our feet.

“My mentors, Mike and Faith, have been adamant about me learning to save, and it’s all been for the best. In the beginning it was a little hard, but now I realize how much of a help they’ve been.  We meet weekly, and they are always there to make sure Xavier and I will have a bright future.

Beatrice: "Bridge is a great opportunity to better yourself"

Part 1

“When my daughter Naya was 5 months old, I was working as a CNA and was also in nursing school. My dad gave us just a year to stay with them. At the end of that year, I was still in school, and on track to graduate. But he still told me we had to leave. With nowhere to go, I was about to become homeless.”

Kelly: "I am forever grateful"

One day, she was on the cusp of homeownership.

The very next day, she was facing homelessness.

After her divorce, Kelly and her three kids—Maddie, Kyle and Becca—were grateful to be living with her brother at his house in Warrenville. Her family was in the process of getting back to normal; the kids were settled in their school; Kelly had even begun to date again, and became engaged.

Then, her brother was looking to sell his house, so Kelly and her fiancé planned to buy it from him, to keep the kids’ life as stable as possible. But, as it turned out, stability for their family would be a long way away.

“In February 2015, 10 days before the scheduled closing of the house, I found out that my fiancé had been unfaithful to me for over a year,” says Kelly. “I didn’t know where the truth stopped and lies began. But, I am grateful I found out before we bought the house or got married.”

Kelly ended her relationship, but her troubles weren’t over. Her brother still planned to sell his home—which meant Kelly would have to find an affordable home, and fast. For Kelly, this was easier said than done, and she soon found herself on the verge of homelessness.

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