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Sleep Out Saturday: Transforming Lives

"You've got to do Sleep Out, because it's a spiritual transformation opportunity."

--Maria, Youth Pastor

Join us at Sleep Out Saturday 2020!

This fall, nearly 1,000 DuPage County residents will spend a very frosty night inside tents, boxes and cars to raise awareness about family homelessness and money for Bridge Communities' Transitional Housing Program. The event will be held in 25+ DuPage County communities between October 9-December 5, with the countywide Sleep Out taking place on November 7.

Sleep Out Saturday participants of all ages can experience a night without a home to help provide homeless families with a home. You can show your support by sleeping out in parking lots, parks and backyards. All money raised from the event will support families in the Bridge Communities Transitional Housing Program, funding the housing, employment training, mentoring, case management, plus tutoring and summer camps for kids. We thank YOU for making a difference in their lives!

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You make the difference. . . Donate a Night of Housing - $35 provides one night of housing and supportive services to a homeless family. 

PS - Share your Sleep Out Saturday story with us, we'd love to hear it!  E-mail your Sleep Out Saturday stories to and share with others who want to inspire a world where no child is homeless!

  • Personalize Your Sleep Out Saturday Experience

    Whether it's your group's first year or your tenth year participating in Sleep Out Saturday, Bridge Communities is there to help you to make it the best experience possible! We offer complete Sleep Out Saturday toolkits with activities, movies and more, to make your experience memorable and life-changing. Plus, this year we're offering visits from Bridge Communities staffers and client speakers to your Sleep Out site, to share personal stories of homelessness and how you're making a difference! 

    If you're looking for an experience that will

    -Build empathy

    -Lead to a better understanding of poverty in your community and

    -Teach effective ways to fight homelessness, then

    Sleep Out Saturday is right for you!

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  • Sleep Out Saturday Stories

    Sleep Out Saturday is one of the few non-profit fundraising events that allows participants to actively gain empathy for those struggling with homelessness. The event provides participants a forum to learn what it may feel like to be homeless, even if it is for just one night. Participants share their thoughts about their physical and emotional experience of sleeping outside with little or no shelter. Feelings of vulnerability, fear and compassion are common themes found amongst participants the morning following Sleep Out. 

    Read Sleep Out Saturday Testimonials 

  • Sleep Out Saturday Newsroom

    Learn more about homelessness and poverty in DuPage County Illinois by visiting our Sleep Out Saturday newsroom. Readers will learn more about how Sleep Out Saturday is making an impact on the transitional housing services provided by Bridge Communities. You can help homeless families in your community by participating in Sleep Out Saturday.   

    Visit Sleep Out Saturday's Media Center

    View Sleep Out Saturday 2018 Rally video

    Facts on homelessness in DuPage County

    Sleep Out Saturday blog


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