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Contact Bridge Communities, Inc.

Bridge Communities, Inc.
505 Crescent Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: (630) 545-0610
Fax: (630) 545-0640

For general questions:
John Hayner, CEO
(630) 545-0610 ext. 28

You are homeless and interested in applying for transitional housing:
Will Moeller, Intake Coordinator
(630) 545-0610 ext. 20

You are interested in donating your car:
Tom Thiltgen, Director of Case Management
(630) 545-0610 ext. 14 

Your church or organization is interested in helping a homeless family:
Mark Milligan, Co-Founder
(630) 545-0610 ext. 10

You are interested in receiving tutoring, or becoming a tutor
Jill Garbaliauskas, Director of Children's Programs
(815) 955-9558

You are interested in volunteering for the Bridge employment program:
Mary Zienty, Manager of Employment Services
(630) 728-7601

You are interested in volunteering at one of our Learning Resource Centers:
Sharon Drucker, Coordinator of Children's Activites

You are interested in making a contribution or donation or volunteering for Bridge Communities:
Amy Van Polen, Resource Development Director
(630) 545-0610 ext. 12

"By providing housing to a family in need, Bridge allows us to save the money we need for the future.  My wonderful case manager and mentors taught me how to see my future and make better decisions in a way that I had never done before. I am now, on my own, able to continue my life down a path that was started by their guidance."