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Client Success Stories

Marketta: “I never thought I could be this happy”

On a bookshelf in Marketta’s living room, there’s all the things you’d expect to see. Framed baby photos of her daughters. A prayer devotional opened to today’s date. Pictures of family members from high school graduations, weddings, baptisms.

And in the place of honor, right in the center of the shelf? A photo of Marketta, grinning ear to ear, embraced by two of the people who helped change her life forever: her Bridge mentors, Renee and Sue.

Sonia: "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart"

Sonia has one of the biggest smiles and biggest hearts you can imagine. A natural caregiver, she has a gift for taking care of loved ones around her—and for two decades, she did just that as a stay-at-home mom.

Unfortunately, for Sonia, it wasn’t often a happy home, because she lived under the thumb of an abusive, controlling husband. He wouldn’t allow her to take classes to improve her English or to finish high school. She didn’t have a dime to her own name. And, for the duration of the marriage, she was not permitted to even know about the family’s finances or have a say in how the household was run.

Cassie: "Bridge helped me gain my confidence back"

Cassie’s a bubbly, outgoing and kind mother-of-two living in the western suburbs. Her laugh is contagious, she lights up at the mention of her daughters Chloe and Cayden, and she’s  passionate about her job helping cancer patients.

You’d never know that, just three years ago, she and her girls escaped from a traumatic life of domestic violence, leaving them homeless.

“I went through a really bad transition when leaving my ex-husband, because it was a domestic situation,” Cassie remembers. “I’d lost myself, and thought I was a failure. And at the time, my credit was shot. I wasn’t able to get anything in my name—not a credit card, not an apartment, nothing."

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