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"You gave me the chance to set myself up for success--thank you!"

Gabi first became homeless at just 17 years old, when she left a troubled household. She then spent the next few years couch-surfing, staying with any family or friends who would take her in.

     Her luck seemed to change when she fell in love, got married and had two amazing daughters. But her marriage soon fell apart. Gabi and her girls were left brokenhearted, and with nowhere to live.

     And you gave Gabi and her daughters a safe home when they came into Bridge Communities. Thank you for being there for them.
    Because what she's accomplished in just a year is incredible. Your support has meant that she's learned to budget, she's received counseling, and her daughters have a stable, happy home for the first time ever.

     But, here's the most incredible thing of all: Gabi has started the process of purchasing a house! 
     To go from homeless to homeowner in under two years--wow! We know she's going to get there. But she just needs a little more time. And she can only get there with your help.
     "You gave me the chance to set myself up for success," says Gabi. "Thank you!"
     She's nearly achieved her dream, and only you can take her to the finish line. Thank you stepping up for Gabi and her girls when they needed you. 



Client update

As of Spring 2018, Gabi has purchased her house! Thank you for keeping Gabi and her girls safe last winter so she could save enough to purchase their "forever" home.

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The mission of Bridge Communities is to transition homeless families to self-sufficiency by working with partners to provide mentoring, housing, and supportive services.