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“I’m just so much enjoying my life right now."

Today, Sue is a happily married mom, homeowner and career woman.  Her son attends high school, and her daughter has graduated and is attending vocational training for her dream career. Her life now is a far cry from the one she was living a few years ago when she entered Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program.

Once the victim of domestic violence, Sue fled her abusive marriage and found sanctuary through Bridge Communities.  She and her children worked hard in the two-plus years they were in the Program, and they are now peacefully enjoying the results of their efforts.

“I’m happy where I am,” says Sue.  “I’m just so much enjoying my life right now…the homemaker part of it, my new marriage.  I like my job.  If nothing changed, I am content.”

In order to advance her career, Sue earned a bachelor’s degree in human services during her time in the Bridge Program.  “I got a lot of help with grants and scholarships,” she recalls.  “Molly helped a lot with leads on applying to different scholarships.  The majority of my education was paid for with scholarships I found through Bridge.”  Her degree “opened the door to [her] job,” in which she moved into a position of greater responsibility and increased income.

Another thing Sue was able to accomplish during her time with Bridge was to heal emotionally from the trauma she and her kids had endured.  Wisely, she took advantage of the counseling services made available to both her and her children through Bridge.

She reflects that during her time in the Program, “I had a lot of time for healing.  The counseling I had with the kids, the communication I had with them – to have that support really helped me to get grounded, and to have time to get some spiritual healing, that made me ready to go into this next chapter in my life.  I don’t think that I would have been prepared to be in a good, healthy marriage and be in this part of my life without having the support of the Program to work through the things I needed to work through emotionally.” 

Sue’s mentors played an indispensable role in her journey, meeting with her weekly, not only to help her sort out and manager her finances, but also to work through issues her kids were facing and to help the family strengthen and grow together.

“They all had gifts and talents and were able to offer different things that were so key to what I needed at that time,” Sue reflects.  “It was like the perfect blend – such a God thing.  Mary has a knack with finances; she was able to help me with budgeting and working on the things I needed to do to keep track of my bank account, building my credit.  We connected on a personal level, too. 

“Patti works with special education kids.  My son had an IEP plan; she helped me with advocating for him in school to ensure he was getting the help he needed with ADHD.  She was a huge support.  My daughter had an IEP in high school, and Patti came with me to one of the meetings when we were developing her IEP.  She was so supportive and helpful.

“Tom connected with my son; he was a really good positive male role model.  He has such a sweet spirit, and he was always so encouraging.  It was good to have all of them there for our whole family.  Having that support system was huge, even for the kids.”

Sue’s current goal in life is to take a breather and enjoy!  Her children are thriving, her marriage is fulfilling, and her job is rewarding.  “In a few more years, I’ll be able to look at other things I might want to pursue, either out of necessity to increase my job opportunities or maybe just to have fun and learn something new…but right now, I’m content.”

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