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Client Success Stories

Yvonne: “My future is now bright thanks to Bridge and my mentors."

Most families that participate in Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program take about two years to make their way from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  But not Yvonne Hernandez.  With help from her Bridge mentors, Yvonne used the tools and skills she discovered she already had and established a wonderful new life for herself and her three children in just over 15 months!

Yvonne Hernandez entered Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing Program April 1st, 2010.  The divorced mother of three young children – Alan, Anais, and Andre – had been living with her ex-husband’s parents for a year prior and didn’t realize that she and her kids fit the definition of “homeless.” 

Megan, Tony & Lukas: “What I see in Megan is the determination to keep on keeping on."

In what could only be described as an extreme act of kindness, 12 Naperville area businesses came together to completely make over the apartment inhabited by Bridge Communities graduate Megan DeAngelis and her two sons.  Megan and her boys were previously homeless, successfully completed Bridge’s Transitional Housing Program and are now renting an apartment through Bridge Communities’ Pathways Program, which offers affordable housing at a below-fair-market price.

The makeover, coordinated by Vicky Joseph, Bridge Communities’ Naperville Outreach Coordinator, brought together 12 incredibly generous business leaders interested in giving back in their own community, which has been so supportive of them.  The team includes:  Those generous contributors are: Ken Limong, Applied Construction Concepts; Dave Martin, Russell Martin Carpet and Rugs; Debra and Doug Lellbach, Lellbach Builders; Bob Jung, Bob Jung Painting and Decorating; Jeannie Triezenberg, Hire Order; Troy Marcum, Sherwin-Williams; Art Balducci, Ashley Furniture HomeStore Naperville; Chris Cash, Paul and Mary Ann Junkroski, Roseland Draperies and Interiors; Mark Brown, M Brown and Associates; Tony DiSandro, HomeGoods; Matt Stout, SikichNeil Gates, Photographer; Cara Phillips, Studio 41; Patrick McCliney, Pro Source; and Chuck Cozette and Lauren Dixon, West Suburban Living Magazine.

Georgette: “When you’ve been down so long, your mind is used to being down.”

Georgette was a parent from the word ‘go’, having run away from home at 13 after her mother passed away and taking legal guardianship of her younger siblings at only 16.  She dropped out of school and worked two jobs to support herself and her siblings.  At 21, Georgette had a daughter of her own, followed by a son five years later.

Georgette worked hard to support her children, and eventually they got a home of their own.  Only a few months later, the house caught fire, and Georgette, her eight year old daughter and three year old son were forced into homelessness.

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