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Client Success Stories

Brittney, Flourishing with Help from Bridge: “Bridge showed me that people care about me. Thank you."

“I needed help. I was couch-surfing with no options for a future for my daughter, Kylie and me. I was a complete mess—physically, emotionally, spiritually.”
Brittney called Bridge Communities at one of the lowest moments in her life. And you were
there to help her.
Brittney didn’t believe she was worthy of new life; that she would never be a successful woman and mother. “Why would someone care enough to help Kylie and me? It was so hard to believe that I had value.”
But you believed in Brittney. And slowly, like the seed pod coming out of its winter, Brittney began to take root and sprout.
Through nourishment from you, Brittney began to believe in herself. “My mentors really helped me grow up and learn how to take care of myself. I learned how to budget my money…. I worked with a lawyer to reduce my debt… I worked with Patty to get a better job… I received counseling so that I can make good decisions… I attended parenting classes to become a better mom.”
Everyone at Bridge is so proud, but no one is more proud that Brittney herself, “So many people have helped me through Bridge. I won’t let anyone down – especially myself and my daughter!” Thank you so much for your trust and belief in Bridge’s mission. And a short thank you from
Brittney, “Bridge showed me that people care about me. Thank you. I can now focus on Kylie’s and my future.”

Brenda and Angeli: “Don’t give up—stay with it...”

A Chance Encounter Leads to a Bright Future

Fresh out of class at community college, Brenda didn’t want to go home to her parents’ house, where pressure to move out mounted. Considering dropping out of school with only five classes remaining to work full-time in order pay the bills as a single parent, the stress was visible on her face as she waited for the bus.

A chance encounter with a stranger turned everything around.

Tiwana: "This is like a second chance for me to get back on my feet. They gave me hope that I can make it."

Tiwana Moore is determined to achieve the dreams she has for herself, her five kids and six grandkids.  So far, she’s off to a great start, much better than the start she got in life.

Tiwana’s early years were plagued with disruption, disturbance and divorce, bouncing from her mother’s home to her father’s, ending up with her grandmother until she was 14, when she ended up back with her mother.  However, instead of her mother taking care of her, Tiwana found herself caring for her mother along with her two brothers.

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