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Client Success Stories

Debbie: "My mindset is different now"

A few years ago, Debbie was a stay-at-home mom, married for 16 years. Then, a difficult divorce rocked her world. She lost her home, and with no income to provide for her kids, had to move her family in with her sister. “I had just gone through the divorce and my finances were in shambles, so we lived with her in her Bolingbrook home as a temporary situation,” she recalls. “After about a year, I started to look around to find what resources would be available to us.”

A neighbor of her sister’s told her about Bridge Communities, and Debbie decided to call and inquire. Within 48 hours, Debbie came to the office for an interview. A month later, Bridge offered Debbie and her family a Glen Ellyn apartment in the Transitional Housing program.

Ken and Jerrie: "We knew we would do whatever it takes to succeed"

In an effort to provide a better future for his family, Ken Alexander had been in school full-time to complete his degree, while working part-time as well. Then, in 2008, he was suddenly laid off from his job.

His wife, Jerrie, had been staying at home with their daughters, Jorie and Jaida, and was finishing cosmetology school. But, by the time both parents had finished their schooling at the height of the recession, job prospects were few and far between. “I went on about ten interviews right after I graduated, and then nothing,” Ken says. Ken’s unemployment eventually ran out, and the family sank into debt.

Henry and Yvonne: “I would have never imagined us being on ‘the other side,’ because it was always us on the giving end.”

In 2011, Henry, Yvonne and their kids were living a great life in Florida: a spacious home with a pool, a lawn service, great jobs and an active community. Then, it all fell apart. Henry lost his job due to the recession, and they were on the verge of losing their home as well.

Their savings dwindled, and their situation grew more and more dire. Then, Henry was offered a job in the Chicago area, so the family packed up and moved to DuPage County. Unfortunately, just days before his new position was to start, the new company reneged on their offer.

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