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Client Success Stories

Kate: "I'm blessed to be here"

When Kate settled into America five years ago, she was on her way to achieving the American dream. She had a steady job with a Ukrainian company downtown, she was staying with friends in the suburbs, and her English skills were getting better every day.

She had no reason to suspect that in just a few years, she’d be a single mother of twins, and on the verge of homelessness. Her story started when she met her husband on the train. “He was sleeping next to the window—which is why I sat next to him, because I didn’t feel up to talking to anyone that morning. It was exhausting for me to speak in English!” she recalls. “But, he woke up and started chatting with me.”

Fast forward three years, and Kate was not only married to him, but expecting twins.

Lisette: "There is nothing I am more thankful for than you."

“Before I entered Bridge, I was staying with my grandma in her one-bedroom apartment. My son, Xavier and I were sleeping in her living room because even though I was working, getting our own apartment was out of our price range. But when I got accepted into Bridge, I felt so blessed and excited that this was a new beginning, a chance to get back on our feet.

“My mentors, Mike and Faith, have been adamant about me learning to save, and it’s all been for the best. In the beginning it was a little hard, but now I realize how much of a help they’ve been.  We meet weekly, and they are always there to make sure Xavier and I will have a bright future.

Beatrice: "Bridge is a great opportunity to better yourself"

Part 1

“When my daughter Naya was 5 months old, I was working as a CNA and was also in nursing school. My dad gave us just a year to stay with them. At the end of that year, I was still in school, and on track to graduate. But he still told me we had to leave. With nowhere to go, I was about to become homeless.”

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