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2020 Program Outcomes

Program Outcome Results

We monitor our clients’ progress throughout their time in Bridge Communities. The statistics below reflect the progress of the clients who exited Bridge Communities in 2020. By the time these families left Bridge Communities:

  • 78% of adults had improved or maintained stable employment
  • 78% of households had improved or maintained household income (median income moved from $2,382 to $2,860)
  • 81% of households had reduced debt or maintained zero debt (median debt moved from $20,006 to $9,401)
  • 81% of families saw ther savings increase during their time in Bridge (median savings moved from $0 to $11,000)
  • 92% of families exited the program to permanent housing
  • 85% of clients reported satisfaction with quality of life
  • 74% of households maintained or improved nutritional wellbeing
  • 100% reported improvement in decision making skills
  • 90% reported improvement in managing finances
  • 100% reported they had developed a trusting relationship with a mentor
  • 80% reported success in goal striving and achievement 

The vast majority of our families are headed by single moms. Their average age is 29. Last year, while at least 68% of those who entered our program have at least some postsecondary school if not higher education degrees, their average income at entry was $14/hour - well below a living wage.