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2018 Program Outcomes

Program Outcome Survey Results

Since its founding in 1988, Bridge Communities has helped more than 850 families successfully cross the bridge from homelessness to self-sufficiency, permanent housing and financial stability.  In 1999, Bridge began to survey client families one year after they graduated the two-year Transitional Housing Program.  Results from clients who graduated the Program in 2017 indicate that while in the Transitional Housing Program, Bridge client families developed the skills necessary to live productive, self-sufficient lives. Of the graduates who provided information regarding their status a year after graduating from Bridge Communities:

Housing, Employment, and Debt Management Outcomes


100% of clients are in secure housing

28% fair market housing 
22% subsidized housing
6% living with a relative or friends
44% owns a home


86% of former clients are employed

83% are employed full-time 
3% are employed part-time

Debt Management

Only 22% of former clients report struggling with debt since they left the Program. 

39% debt remained the same or decreased
31% debt increased due to home purchases, and are current on all payments