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Sponsor a Child

Make a Difference in Life a Child

Sponsor a child in tutoring for $1,500!

Bridge Communities began its after school tutoring and education enrichment program after realizing that the children in the program needed as much guidance and nurturing as their parents.

Research shows that most homeless children experience developmental delays, learning difficulties and behavioral problems. Frequent moves and changes in schools make it difficult to keep up with classmates, causing many children to perform below grade level in nearly all subjects.

  • Nearly 2/3 of the children residing in the Bridge program have been identified by their local school districts and homeroom teachers as being in great need of individualized tutoring.
  • 41% of homeless children nationwide attend two or more schools per year.
  • 75% of homeless children test below their grade level in reading.

The Bridge Communities' tutoring and educational enrichment program is designed to assist children to succeed in their academic environment.  Tutoring provides the assistance the student needs for extra help.  Through the use of certified teachers who provide one-on-one tutoring, the children receive assistance with homework and other school-related work for two hours per week.

Perhaps of equal importance is the opportunity for each child to have his/her own personal teacher who cares solely about him/her and is willing to listen and support his/her needs as they work together towards academic and personal success.

Tutors are paid $15 per hour for fifty weeks of the year for a total cost of $1,500 per child.  In 2015, 58 children were enrolled in Bridge's tutoring program.

Please help us not repeat the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Sponsor a child in our tutoring and educational enrichment program.  You will receive a short profile about the student you sponsor and updates on his or her experiences. 

If you cannot sponsor a child for an entire year, please consider a partial sponsorship donation.  A gift of $200 provides tutoring for one month, and a gift of $750 provides tutoring for one semester.  All donation amounts are deeply appreciated.

Sponsor a child today and help change his or her life forever.

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