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Mentor Training Class Agenda

Mentor Training Agenda

SIGN IN / Coffee and breakfast provided
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Presentation on Poverty in DuPage County
  • Role of Mentors


  • Intake, Interview, Referral Process
  • Client Family Overview + Issues
  • Role of Case Managers
  • Mentor Panel


  • Weekly Meeting with Client Family

  • Money Management + Budgeting

  • Debt Reduction + Rebuilding Credit


  • Goal Setting

  • Communication

  • Unearned Intimacy

  • Client Panel

  • Presentation of Certificates

  • Wrap up
If you have additional questions, please email
"By providing housing to a family in need, Bridge allows us to save the money we need for the future.  My wonderful case manager and mentors taught me how to see my future and make better decisions in a way that I had never done before. I am now, on my own, able to continue my life down a path that was started by their guidance."