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2013 Garden Walk Gallery

Anderson Garden
213 Kenilworth

Enjoy the extensive variety of lovely plants that are allowed to self-seed and can be found popping up in different areas of the garden.  Spring bulbs are left to naturalize and everything  in the garden is lovingly tended without pesticides or chemicals.  The homeowner makes all her own compost and the results can be seen in spectacular lilies, unusual perennials, hostas, ferns, shrubs and mature trees.  There is a sense that a true gardener lives here who is concerned for the environment.  As you meander down the pathway, you will notice this is a working garden, with garden tools at the ready and a potting table ready for the next task. 

Browder Garden
570 Anthony Street

When a century old Walnut tree dominates and graces the back yard it doesn’t allow for much else to grow, but this garden exhibits beautifully what can be done with a little imagination.   A beautiful  stone patio and fireplace sets the scene for a welcoming outdoor family room where vintage artifacts provide a pleasing transition between the old and  new.  Wander to the back of the home and linger at the dining table where the family enjoys al fresco meals surrounded by colorful window boxes and planters.  The home, built in 1893 provides a stunning backdrop to this outdoor retreat, encouraging family and friends to stay a while. 

Bushman Garden
260 Anthony Street

A respite of quiet and calm, this garden encompasses varying shades of green and white as its colour palette.  Entering the gardens you will be greeted by a statuesque European Beech spreading its branches in welcome.  Walking further you will find mature specimen conifers intermixed with unusual shrubs and a variety of ground cover and hosta.  Passing climbing vines and grasses you will enter the back gardens through a Japanese Tori Gate.  There you are greeted by a quiet oasis echoing the front gardens and home to a variety of trees including Hemlock, Weeping Alaskan Cedar, Acrocona, and a peony tree.   A haven for many bird, fox, and rabbit visitors this garden is a place to stop and take a breath.

Kummer Garden
883 Hill Avenue

Whether you are looking to make a dramatic statement for a front door or ideas for a patio or balcony, this beautiful container garden will inspire you.  The 15 containers are carefully chosen to provide a colorful design element to complement the variety of plants.  You will see plants selected for their beautiful texture, form and color to include hot pinks, lime greens and purples for maximum impact.  Mary Ellen loves container gardening for the flexibility it provides to experiment with a variety of plant material, and provides an interesting garden year round, with spring bulbs, summer annuals, fall flowers and winter greens.  This garden has something for everyone.

Ridge Garden
921 Ellynwood Drive

Designated as a natural wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation and the Glen Ellyn Backyard Wildlife Program, this mature shade garden is a haven for birds like the Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, and Mourning Doves as well as Fox Squirrels, White-tailed Deer, and Red Fox.

Wind your way through the lush shades of green, ponder by the pond, or rest a while on the shady patio. Hosta lovers see how many Hostas you can name. Although the yard is adorned with 15 various white and red oak trees, there is still room for a vegetable garden and strawberry patch. You may find antiques and whimsical items among the many plants and various ground covers.  These homeowners really dig what they do!

Yob Garden
260 Van Damin Avenue

Created in 2009, the property is surrounded by planting beds of grasses, perennials and colorful annuals.  A beautiful limestone and brick pavilion with a stunning fireplace is the focal point of the garden and is a delightful gathering place for family and friends.  Hidden speakers in the planters provide the music when relaxing , entertaining and celebrating family birthday parties and bar-b-q’s.  This is outdoor living at its best and a garden to be enjoyed year round.

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