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Recent posts

It’s National Volunteer Week, and We Are Thankful for You
Apr 24, 2017
At Bridge Communities, during National Volunteer Week and every week, we are thankful for you. We are thankful that you choose to volunteer, sharing your skills, your experiences, your energy and your wisdom with the 130 homeless families we’re serving this year.      We are thankful that you’re giving Bridge families a chance at […]
It All Starts With You: Our 2016 Annual Report
Mar 13, 2017
2016 all started with you, and your excitement and generosity toward helping Bridge families succeed. And we saw outstanding achievements from all our client families, from parents and children alike. These achievements would not have been possible without you. We couldn’t be happier to share these accomplishments with you in the Bridge Communities 2016 Annual […]
You can put a Bridge family on the road to a better future
Mar 9, 2017
Meet K, one of the moms in the Bridge Communities transitional housing program.      She’s a lot like all the parents we’re privileged to work with at Bridge. She had the strength to move forward after homelessness. She had embraced the Bridge program and was learning to budget. She had determination and the […]
Meet the speakers and honorees of Celebrating Women, Transforming Lives!
Feb 24, 2017
We hope you can join us at our annual Spring Luncheon on Friday, April 28, as we celebrate DuPage women’s commitment to the community. Their incredible gifts of time, talents and treasure will be recognized, as well as their efforts to make our communities a better place for homeless families. Celebrating Women, Transforming Lives will honor women with ties to DuPage […]
Meet a family you rescued from homelessness on #GivingTuesday
Jan 23, 2017
On November 29, when you supported #GivingTuesday at Bridge Communities, you changed the future for two more homeless families.     Because of you, we were able to adjust our plans and bring two more families into the Bridge program, before the deep freeze set in. Thank you for making this possible!      And now, we’ll introduce […]
Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: The Conclusion
Dec 19, 2016
“It was hard to balance work, school and family, but Naya was always my strength. She has always been happy, always strong. And she gave me the strength to do what I needed to improve myself. I know that everything I do, it’s for her.”      Beatrice had been working her way through nursing […]
Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: Part 2
Dec 12, 2016
“It was 9 AM on Christmas Eve when I had my last interview with Bridge Communities, and my life changed forever. We went over to the apartment, and I saw that it had 2 bedrooms. I just started crying. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting a 2-bedroom home. Without Bridge, I didn’t know how […]
Beatrice’s Bridge Communities Story: Part 1
Dec 5, 2016
“When my daughter Naya was 5 months old, I was working as a CNA and was also in nursing school. My dad gave us just a year to stay with them. At the end of that year, I was still in school, and on track to graduate. But he still told me we had to […]
Can you guess what you made possible on #GivingTuesday?
Dec 1, 2016
Because of you, on #GivingTuesday, we hit our donation goal of $12,775! Combined with our match from Bank of America, this means we will be able to house two more homeless families than we’d planned on in 2017.   Their safety would not have been possible without you. Never doubt that your donations, your tweets, […]
Will you Give a Tuesday on #GivingTuesday?
Nov 1, 2016
Last year, you came to our rescue in a big way.      For the first time, Bridge Communities participated in #GivingTuesday, the national day of charitable giving. The end of the year was nearing, and time and money were running out. We asked if you’d help us raise $4,550–one night of housing for each of […]