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Backyard Barbeque Cook-Off

Fire Up The Coals - Meat & Music

Grill up your best BBQ Ribs and/or Best Dish

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Crescent Blvd/Glenwood Ave parking lot
Downtown Glen Ellyn

If you're a fan of meat and music, you'll love the Glen Ellyn Backyard BBQ Cook-Off! On Saturday, September 10, this event will welcome BBQ chefs who put their grilling skills to the test, as more than 60 teams will participate in the largest amateur competition in the state of Illinois. All proceeds from the event benefit the homeless families served by Bridge Communities.

Information on the 2016 event and recaps of the 2015 event are now available on For details, please contact BBQ Competition Organizer Bob Solak at

Competitors Need to Bring:

  • Uncooked and Unseasoned Pork Ribs (spares or baby backs)
  • Uncooked and Unseasoned Ingredients for Best Dish
  • Cooking equipment and supplies
  • Food and Favorite Beverage for You and Your Team
  • Canopy Tent (no larger than 10'x10') and decorations to participate in Spirit Award competition

All dishes must be cooked on-site.  Contestants must provide all their own equipment.  Charcoal and gas grills/smokers are welcome.  You may not use electric grill or smoker or open pit.  Ribs and ingredients for Best Dish must be raw and unseasoned.  Each category must be able to accomodate 3 judges.  Garnish for Ribs is optional and is limited to green leaf lettuce and green parsley.

Contact us with questions regarding the competition or sponsorship opportunities


King of the Stage

  • Steamboat BBQ & Catering

Piglet Playland

  • Farmer's Insurance


Prime Cut

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