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On November 5th more than 1,000 children, teens and adults will spend the night sleeping outside in tents, boxes, or cars or doubled up inside their homes without a bed to call their own, all to raise awareness about family homelessness and funds for Bridge Communities' Transitional Housing Program.

Your help is needed now more than ever. With your help, Bridge Communities will transition over 100 families to self-sufficiency by working with community partners to provide mentoring, housing, and supportive services. Please give to demonstrate your commitment to helping homeless families build a bridge to a brighter future!

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Nearly 90% of your donation will benefit the families in our transitional housing program.

A personal message from Veronica Horton

This is my first year participating in Sleep Out Saturday. I will be going a step further and in honor of the 1,000s of families served over 35 years, I will be living out of my car 24/7 away from home till I raise $35,000. Please support the many families who pass through Bridge Communities.

Veronica Horton

Veronica Horton

My online fundraising progress

(41%) $14,305 To date $35,000 Goal

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Thank you to all those who pledged!

  1. Rachel Benning December 6, 2022

    “I admire your goal and I am proud to support you and your efforts to raise awareness and funds for Bridge!”

  2. Anonymous November 15, 2022

    “Admire your spirit!”

  3. Meghan Kilian November 15, 2022

    “Veronica your commitment to this effort is a true testimony to your dedication to Bridge families! Thanks for all that you do ????”

  4. MARTHA November 14, 2022


  5. Lindsay Cosmen November 14, 2022

    “Hello You Are Such A Blessing To Do What You Are Doing Keep Up The Great Mission Warrior!!! God Bless!!!!”

  6. Kim November 13, 2022

    “You are such an Inspiration?”

  7. Pat November 13, 2022

    “thanks for helping!!”

  8. Alan Clark November 13, 2022

    “Alan Clark”

  9. Beckie November 12, 2022

    “You're an inspiration! Miss you keep going strong!”

  10. Ann Wyant November 12, 2022

    “What an example of personal commitment Veronica! Such a worthy ambition.”

  11. Melissa Senger November 12, 2022

    “So proud of you, V!”

  12. Anonymous November 12, 2022

    “Hope you are successful in reaching your goal!”

  13. The Rossi Family November 11, 2022

    “Keep going!! What a great cause.”

  14. Bengoa Family November 9, 2022

    “You’re doing amazing things Veronica! Hope you reach your goal”

  15. Kay Myler November 9, 2022

    “Love your commitment to giving back”

  16. Matthew Dmytryszyn November 8, 2022

    “Thanks for all that you do for Bridge and its families!”

  17. Mark Milligan November 8, 2022

    “I am in awe of this !”

  18. John C. MacRitchie November 8, 2022

    “You Rock Veronica!”

  19. Emmarie November 7, 2022

    “Thank you for what you are doing!”

  20. Anonymous November 7, 2022

    “Veronica, Thanks for all you do at Bridge!”

  21. Margie Martyn November 7, 2022

    “Thank you Veronica for your hard work in connecting families to a better future! You are making such a difference in so many lives! Go Go Veronica and Bridge Communities!!!”

  22. Sue Harold November 7, 2022

    “Wow, what an incredible goal Veronica! Thanks x 35,000!”

  23. Margo Matthew November 7, 2022

    “You are my Sheroe!”

  24. Jodi J Fegter November 7, 2022

    “Great job, you got this!!!”

  25. Erica Nelson November 6, 2022

    “Honoring every family who has woken up in their car or van and get their kids to our schools to learn, to eat breakfast and lunch and laugh and play. They are OUR kids. Thank you Veronica.”

  26. Georgiana November 6, 2022

    “Molly Howieson shared with me your commitment to the homeless. Thank you for your ambitious and inspiring support of the work and mission of Bridge Communities.”

  27. Anonymous November 5, 2022

    “Way to go Veronica!”

  28. Ann P November 5, 2022

    “You are amazing, Veronica!”

  29. Anonymous November 5, 2022

    “You are an inspiration!”

  30. Karen Adamson November 5, 2022

    “Wonderful organization doing such important work!”

  31. Susan Ryerson Espino November 5, 2022

    “Honored to be your colleague and work alongside you as we develop opportunities for families facing homelessness.”

  32. Tec November 5, 2022

    “Praying for all to be kept safe and warm every night.”

  33. Mavis Hawkes November 4, 2022

    “Good luck Veronica, thanks for such a tremendous effort!”

  34. Jill Nelson November 3, 2022

    “Thank you for bringing this issues to the forefront’”

  35. Amy Milligan November 3, 2022

    “Veronica, I think this is an amazing idea and I am honored to contribute to your Sleep Out goal.”

  36. Andrew & Mary Lou Skalkos November 3, 2022

    “Dear Veronica: Amazing your dedication and courage for Bridge Communities. We are so happy to support your efforts to raise money and awareness. Take care and stay well!!! Mary Lou & Andrew Skalkos”

  37. Anonymous November 3, 2022

    “You are an inspiration.”

  38. Catherine Page November 3, 2022

    “I read your story in the Daily Herald”

  39. Joanne Schneider November 3, 2022

    “The Daily Herald article about your life experiences and your current mission is an inspiration!!”

  40. Steve & Julie November 3, 2022

    “A true inspiration and hero!”

  41. Rachael November 2, 2022

    “Thanks for raising awareness and all your efforts toward this great cause!”

  42. Cassie November 1, 2022

    “Veronica, Good Luck! Hope this helps get you back home asap. I know you'll reach your goal.

  43. Ginger Terlep October 30, 2022

    “We're rooting for you, Veronica!”

  44. Anonymous October 29, 2022

    “Veronica, you are amazing! Thank you for raising funds for such a great cause!”

  45. Dave October 27, 2022

    “I love what you are doing for S O S and for Bridge! We’re lucky to have you.”

  46. Denise Alexander October 27, 2022

    “I support you Veronica!!”

  47. Jo Brown October 27, 2022

    “Good luck Veronica!”

  48. Cindi October 24, 2022

    “Hope you make your Goal!”

  49. Cousin Val October 22, 2022

    “Good work Veronica!”

  50. Lizzy Hubert October 19, 2022

    “I’m proud of you mamma.”

  51. Carol Wooton October 19, 2022

    “Veronica and Jen Bystry best of luck !”

  52. Ida Conkling October 19, 2022

    “Veronica, I admire what you're doing and wish you a speedy $35,000 total! I'm Jodi's mom and I'm donating to you instead of her! LOL Good Luck. Stay warm and safe!!!”

  53. Jen Bystry October 17, 2022

    “Thank you for your amazing commitment and sacrifice, Veronica!”

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