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What we do

Bridge Communities is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to: 

  • Inspire and affect change by advocating for homeless families.
  • Provide services and opportunities that connect families to a better future.
  • Collaborate with faith-based partners, community groups and businesses to leverage resources and create long-term solutions.
  • Lead by example through our innovative programs and grassroots involvement.

From Despair to Determination

With help from her Bridge mentors, Yvonne used the tools and skills she discovered she already had and established a wonderful new life for herself and her three children in just over 15 months!

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What's It Like to Be Homeless?

Bridge Communities has developed an education curriculum for children and youth designed as an interactive outreach program that teaches about homelessness in your local community.  Activities are easy, interactive, age appropriate and flexible to be used with many sized groups.  The curriculum is available free of charge.  If you are a Scout leader, you can use this curriculum to earn the 'Heart for the Homeless' patch.

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Advocating for Homeless Families

Bridge Communities proactively works with local, regional and statewide agencies on issues relating to homelessness and affordable housing.   Bridge advocates for just treatment and services for homeless adults and children, as well as impact affordable housing supply and permanent housing options for low to moderate income families in DuPage County and throughout Illinois.

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