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Bridge Communities is a program that transforms lives of homeless families.  Surveys completed in 2013 show that, one year after graduating from the Bridge program:

  • 100% of graduates maintained stable housing
  • 100% of graduates maintained stable employment
  • 93% of graduates had not increased their debt

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In-Kind Gifts

Transform the Life of a Homeless Family

Bridge Communities accepts and distributes donated goods (non-monetary gifts) to client families throughout the year.  Donated furniture, gift cards, automobiles and gasoline cards are very helpful to families when they experience an unexpected expense that can cause havoc to their limited budget. 

  • Gift cards: donate grocery or department store gift cards that can be given to client families on an as-needed basis. 
  • Gasoline cards: All client families are required to work or attend school.  Gasoline gift cards are given to clients on an as-needed basis.
  • Quarters: All Bridge Communities apartment buildings have leased laundry facilities.  Client families must use quarters to operate the machines.  Donations of rolls of quarters are given to clients on as-needed basis.
  • Automobiles: Many client families start the Program with no car or one that soon breaks down.  Many times the car is not worth repairing.  Bridge Communities provides donated automobiles to clients on an as-needed basis.  Cars need to be free of major needed repairs, fully owned and have a clean title.  Please contact Karen Stewart at (630) 545-0610 ext. 17 for more information.

To inquire about other in-kind gift opportunities or ideas, please contact Amy Van Polen at (630) 545-0610 ext. 12 or